Lucinda Moyers Says She's a Prostitute, Not Alex Trebek's Burglar

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Prostitution is also a crime
Lucinda Moyers, the 56-year-old woman charged with allegedly burglarizing Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek's hotel room two weeks ago, says she has an alibi.

Mark Jacobs, the deputy public defender handling Moyers' case, said that his client has told the media that she was at the hotel working as a prostitute the night she was busted for allegedly ripping off Trebek.

According to Jacobs, Trebek never saw Moyers in his room at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis.

"He saw her in the hallway. There's no one who is going to be able to testify that she was seen in the room," Jacobs told SF Weekly.

Jacobs gave us a different account of what happened that night.

According to Jacobs:

Trebek was in bed when he sensed someone in the room and thought it was his wife. Then upon realizing she was still in bed next to him, believed he was dreaming and laid his head back down.

"Then he noticed the light from the door opening. He never actually saw anybody. He went down and opened the door, and he looked down the hall, and he said he saw a person in the hallway. That's still up for debate, though," Jacobs said.

Jacobs said Trebek allegedly approached Moyers outside in the hallway by the elevator, accused her of making off with a bracelet, $650, a purse, and a wallet and then told her he was going to call hotel security. That's when she tried to leave.

"She said she was up there working as a prostitute. So, she didn't want hotel security to be involved in her business," Jacobs said.

The bracelet and $650 were never recovered. "When she was arrested, she had no stolen property on her," Jacobs told us.

Moyers is scheduled for a prehearing on August 15. If convicted, she could face 25 years to life under California's Three Strikes law.

Last week, SF Weekly reported that district attorney candidate David Onek criticized interim District Attorney George Gascón for using the Three Strikes law in this case, saying it was too draconian.

But Gascón said he had not decided any such thing yet. Rather, the district attorney's office was still considering whether to count two previous burglary convictions from the 1990s as strikes in the new case.

Jacobs told SF Weekly that Moyers was informed that the DA had filed a standard complaint alleging she had two previous strikes and could face a Three Strikes sentence upon a committee review.

"They're just putting a marker there," he said. "Like, hey, we could give 25 years to life, but we're not necessarily going to."

Nevertheless, Moyers is scared, he said.

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My family founded the city that aLex Trebek is from. It is Sudbury, Ontario, and most people are not aware that it inspired Smallville and the CIA's elusive Kryptos of the Superman comics. Site to the world's second largest meteorite crash, mining, steel giant, and they built the Superstack the world's largest smelter chimney the year I was born. I am in the film industry and worked with Dean Cain, on Smallville, Supernatural, am writing a Superwoman screenplay, and people started to call me Clark years ago. There is within the Sudbury region a small place called Lively in Walden, an excellent and highly rare non deadly name. Walden Media is most known for creating The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe. The witch, as named for the title, has the name of Jardis of Underland in the book. Not knowing this, I met a woman over a decade ago when I was a Rape Crisis Center trained councillor, named Lucinda. She was abused for most of her life in unspeakable ways, and was forced into prostitution along the main street where it occurred, called Jarvis in Toronto. Vancouver had a similar street called Jervis where the prostitutes were kept. Two weeks after I first spoke with Lucinda, she met with me again with an enormous black eye and part of her front teeth punched out by her pimp. She was a delicate angel in so many ways, frail, and I was livid beyond words. It was a sadistic harm that I could not place my finger upon... at that time. In any way, I am not relating this to Alex, we have a strange relation, yet the coincidence is remarkable and worth mention. Perhaps this woman was onto something in the harm that she has been living in life, and unable to relate it in a public statement. To steal his wallet and bracelet seems so on the nose. I would like for you to view a video on the subject that I made months prior to seeing this just now, relating the adjustments to law enforcement relating to prostitutes that I call Lucy's Law... it would be good for you to bring it to the attention of the people related to her being charged.


It is very upsetting to view this article when I was placing a random search to see if I could find the Lucinda that I knew in Toronto. As well keep in mind that Tony Stark's atrocious butler machine is named Jarvis, and so that area is shifted to control of iron to Robert, one of my given names to undo that abuse. Yet as well, Captain America, I worked with Chris Evans on Fantastic Four ROTSS, is from Sudbury Mass. It is representational of the proper region being Sudbury, Ontario Canada with the meteorite crash. You can not fake a meteorite crash, well at least in LA it would be hard for even them :-) If you know anyone with Walden Media or like relations, write. My aunt died of cancer on Jarvis, and my mother was harassed enormously and I am sick and severely angered by this abusive system.




She have to pay me to touch her skanky ..... ughhhh!!


I believe her...    They never found any of the things stolen and her story makes sense, the guy never opened up the door after seeing what she looked like, most likely a bait and switch escort ad.

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