Great America Sued Over Gay Slur Doctored Into Photograph

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Great America takes the amusement out of amusement park
When on a ride at an amusement park that takes photos of the riders to sell as keepsakes, few people ever expect to see that photo ever again.

Which is why Craig Person and Edmund Yang, who took a ride on Great America's Psycho Mouse roller coaster in August 2008, were a little surprised to learn that their mid-air photograph resurface elsewhere.

Their friends told them they saw the photo of Person and Yang, who were holding hands in the picture, at the counter of another ride at the park. However, the photo had been strangely doctored with a thought bubble that reportedly said "Were [sic] Fags!"

Needless to say, the two men were, uhhh, not amused, and yesterday they filed lawsuit against the Santa Clara amusement park accusing it of sexual harassment.

Jim Stellmack, a spokesman for Great America, told SF Weekly, "We don't condone this by any means, and at the time we took appropriate actions." Stellmack added that Great America had "made attempts to resolve the issue with the individuals, but it was unsuccessful."

If you're a little worried that your own roller coaster ride photos might also be photoshopped or manipulated, here's some good news: Stellmack says that Great America does not keep the photos, other than for display purposes as product samples.

He told us that he's not sure how photos are selected to be used for display, but said that the displays are not regularly updated, and the computer systems are set up to purge photos after each ride.

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