Environmental Fanatic Runs from South America to Alaska ... Barefoot

Considering some of the insane stories we read in the news these days -- like "Kerry Campbell" saying she gave her 8-year-old daughter Botox -- Henry Sanchez's tale about running barefoot from Argentina to Alaska isn't that hard to believe. 

But we still think he's craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

What really gets us is that Sanchez, who is reportedly in good health, is doing all this extra running for the environment. Make sense?

Courtesy of Michele Harris
Could probably use a foot rub and a pedicure
He started this arduous escapade in Argentina in June 2008, running from city to city, planting trees across South America and Mexico, where he's already planted seven million trees and recycled more than 2,000 tons of garbage.

He's on his final stretch through Mexico and plans to cross the border into California on August 18, where San Diego will welcome him with a tree-planting ceremony.

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Courtesy of Michele Harris
South American Forrest Gump
According to one of his sponsors, Michele Harris, a Sausalito resident, Sanchez is planning to run north, passing through coastal cities before he makes a stop in San Francisco at the end of September. His plan is to run all the way to Alaska, recycling garbage and planting trees. 

So we had to ask -- how much running does he actually do everyday? Harris, whose partner Rafael has been helping Sanchez with translating, tells us that Sanchez runs, at the very least, an hour every day, whether it's to a tree-planting event or on his way to the next city. Sometimes, he will run as far as 10 miles, she says. The volunteer firefighter has been staying at firehouses along the way.

It becomes even more impressive when you learn the total number of miles Sanchez has clocked, which is 13,049 over the last four years.

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Say What?
Say What?

Tall tale alert: In three years he's planted 7 million trees and recycled more than 2000 tons of garbage? That works out to about 7000 trees planted and 2 tons (2000 kg) of waste recycled per day. Even Al Gore couldn't keep up with that pace. Perhaps these stats refer to the collective efforts of the people who join with him, in which case there's a lot of eco-heroism to go around. 


Alaska huh, reminds me of Gump. Run Forest Bear!

CO2 Insanity
CO2 Insanity

If he's really an environmental hero (emphasis on mental) he should let one of those starving Polar Bears eat him for dinner.


It's odd that the title labels Sanchez as a "fanatic"... the more appropriate word would be "hero"...

"He started this arduous escapade in Argentina in June 2008, ... where he's already planted seven million trees and recycled more than 2,000 tons of garbage." 

... How many single people do any of us know who have ever done anything close to that?

Mac OS =

Hero: noun ( pl. -roes)

a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities : a war hero.

Environmental Hero, I'd have to say

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