Where Is David Chiu Now?

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David Chiu is going where no candidate has gone before
Supervisor David Chiu met with with Ed Lee yesterday for the first time since Lee jumped into the race for mayor. Needless to say, it was an awkward moment for Chiu, who likened it to getting coffee with a cheating lover.

"It was like meeting with an ex-girlfriend who you had trusted for the first time after the breakup," he tells SF Weekly.

But like any freshly wounded man, Chiu is picking up the pieces and looking to get back on the horse  -- the election horse, that is. He's making a fresh start with a new phase of his campaign he is dubbing "Where's David Chiu?"

"I want to go places no other mayoral candidate has gone before," he tells us.

So where are these places we might expect to find Chiu? Here are our thoughts:
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1. At the foot of your bed.

2. Playing Donkey Kong with Chris Daly in the Tenderloin.

3. Playing violin inside the BART station.

4.Under a dumpster at 47th and Kirkham.

5. Driving your Muni bus.

6. At Dolores Park alongside a man in a Chewbacca costume (wait -- he did that already)!

7. On Craigslist, looking for more roommates.

8. On the dance floor at Trigger with Bevan Dufty.

9. Panhandling on Haight Street.

10. Delivering medical marijuana on his bike.

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Pretty sure that use of Google Maps imagery in the main image for "Where's David?" without any attribution to Google constitutes a violation of copyright law.

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