Daunte Culpepper Horrifies 49er Fans

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The Ghost of Excellent Quarterbacking Past...
The notion of Daunte Culpepper being offered a contract -- or even being remotely considered as quarterback material -- caused millions of sphincters to tighten among 49ers fans throughout the realm. "Has it come to this?" was likely the thought of many a queasy local.

Culpepper is one of those athletes who has played so spectacularly badly throughout much of his career that you begin to question whether he was ever really good. Actually, that's not entirely fair -- even though his career record is only 41-59 and his teams won more games than they lost just once in his 10 seasons. He did have a couple of very good years. The problem is he's had many more bad ones, and now he's 34.

He's also coming off a rather lackluster stint with the Sacramento Mountain Lions (né California Redwoods) of the United Football League. At the time of his signing with the UFL, incidentally, SF Weekly noted that former Minnesota Vikings star QB Culpepper and former Vikes coach Dennis Green reuniting in Sacramento was "the equivalent of Bad Company joining back up with its former manager for the Sawdust Daze Festival in Oshkosh, Wis."

We also noted that Culpepper was fulfilling his sporting destiny by suiting up for an expansion league and the Oakland Raiders.

It's no done deal, but a roster spot as a 49er may belong on that list as well.

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