DA to Investigate Construction Accident that Injured Four

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OSHA alert
District Attorney George Gascón said this afternoon that his office will investigate whether or not this morning's roofing accident where local construction workers were severely injured was the result of any criminal activity.

According to the DA's statement, which he released this afternoon:

"We take worker safety extremely seriously. In this particular case, we are in the process of conducting an independent investigation to determine if any criminal conduct has occurred. Once that investigation is concluded, we can reasonably assess if any possible criminal conduct has transpired."
The construction crew, employed by Nibbi Brothers General Contractors, was working on a six-story building on Third Street near 19th Street when the roof where they had been pouring concrete collapsed. Three of the workers are in critical condition, while one suffered minor injuries and was released this afternoon.

They had been working on the Potrero Launch Apartments, a 196-unit complex that was slated to open next year.

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Possibly a nuanced connection here , between local contractors and labor and the J. Avalos stated goal of 'hiring locally' , etc.?..Just maybe ?..Just a thought.


Wouldn't this be more appropriately investigated by the Cal/OSHA or other Industrial safety commissions , Labor and Industry , etc.? ? Looks like another example of political grandstanding in S.F.....District Attorney's Office !?.. Honestly ?

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