Tips on How to Cohabit with Coyotes

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Like it or not, coyotes have moved back into San Francisco and settled in, mainly in the Presidio, Golden Gate Park, and on Bernal Hill over the last decade. Now, says Assemblywoman Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco), it's time to get to know our furry neighbors -- not be afraid of them.

Ma and the California Department of Fish and Game will be in the Richmond today, teaching people about how to live with these urban jackals.

We're not quite sure what Ma knows about living with coyotes, but because you probably don't want to sit through some boring bureaucratic workshop, we'll just give you the CliffsNotes version of dos and don'ts.

1. Be an Unfriendly Neighbor: This means no going over with a home-baked pie (or opening your garbage can) to welcome the coyotes to the hood. Coyotes are naturally scared of humans, but when given access to good cooking and garbage, they suddenly have no fear. That's when you really need to watch out.

2. Scare them. If you're followed by a coyote, make loud noises and -- if necessary -- throw rocks in their direction. We take this as a good maxim for life, too. "If necessary, throw rocks" would make a decent political bumper sticker, too.

3. Mow your lawn.  Hmm ... this is a curious one. However, coyotes apparently have preferences when it comes to yard of the month. The taller the grass, the easier it is for these prairie wolves to hide out and surprise you when you least expect it. So go and tidy it up! 

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The City requires my 2 dogs to have up-to-date rabies vaccinations.  Are all those cute little coyotes in our neighborhood park, Sutro Park, as well as other SF habitats, picked up regularly and vaccinated?  Who's paying for it if this is being done?  A peaceable kingdom picture shows a coyote and a fox standing side by up-to-date picture will show only the coyote.  The fox was lunch...

Elizabeth Frantes
Elizabeth Frantes

Coyotes eat cats, small dogs, and attack humans in urban areas, where they lose their fear of us.  You can no more tolerate them in an urban environment than you can sexual predators working in a daycare center.  SF is an overbuilt city, not the boonies, but it is the Final Solution to the "feral cat problem"  . .. once they have eaten all those cats, they will then hunt in the neighborhoods.  Once a few "children" get mauled, I hope that the City has to pay for its negligence.  If you love wild things, then you should be promoting ZERO POPULATION GROWTH, because there is no wild space left for them. 

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