Bryan Stow, Beaten Giants Fan, Interacting with Family

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Bone flap is in, and no complications yet.
Bryan Stow, the Giants fan beaten into a coma outside of Dodger Stadium in March, is showing great signs of improvement -- he is now following simple commands and moving his body. 

San Francisco General Hospital released new details Monday about its most famous patient since he arrived from Los Angeles in mid-May. "Though he still cannot speak, he is now able to move slightly upon command and to turn his body toward someone talking to him," says Dr. Geoff Manley, General's Chief of Neurosurgery. "We are buoyed by these developments, but we still do not know how far his recovery will take him." 

Stow is awake and is now breathing on his own, and his antiseizure medications have been reduced, the hospital reports. 

Additionally, Stow seems to be tolerating surgery he had last week to replace a missing bone flap on his skull with a custom-made prosthetic. Still, doctors will be monitoring whether fluid builds up over the next week -- a condition that would require a permanent shunt to drain the fluid. 

The hospital hopes to place Stow in a rehabilitation facility as soon as he no longer needs acute hospital care. 

Stow's progress means he can interact with his family, but doctors are still not making any promises about how far his recovery will go. "It is not uncommon for patients with this degree of severe brain injury to have significant ups and downs," Manley says.

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