The Bachelorette's Ben Flajnik: Five Reasons He Should Run for San Francisco Mayor

Those who tuned into ABC's The Bachelorette season finale earlier this week witnessed San Francisco's very own Ben Flajnik get dumped in favor of New York's J.P. Rosenbaum. For all the SF Weekly readers who thought to themselves, "I would have picked him instead," here's your chance.

If we are to believe Flajnik's new Twitter account, the Josh Groban lookalike has already moved on since his humiliating proposal to Ashley Hebert, and is pursuing someone else's proverbial rose: Ours, the San Francisco voters. His Twitter bio reads: "Winemaker, Failed Proposer, and Future Mayor of San Francisco."

Granted, we are taking this about as seriously as we are now taking Mayor Ed Lee's repeated promises that he wouldn't consider running for mayor. But that doesn't mean Ben F. (not to be confused with fellow contestant Ben C.) doesn't have what it takes. For one thing, he's keeping other San Francisco media outlets guessing. Is he or isn't he? So he's already a Lee protégé. And if his official ABC biography is any indication, he may have set the stage early for a strong candidacy. When asked what his favorite team was, he answered, "San Francisco Giants, the only team that matters." The guy knows his audience.

Which is kinda why we think he should run for mayor.

Here are some of our reasons we think he'd make a great candidate:

1. He's cute: He's got hair that could compete with Gavin Newsom's.


2. He probably doesn't really want to be mayor: More likely, he felt like playing two truths and a lie. Everyone thought Ed Lee was the best mayor, well, because he didn't really want to be. But now that he does seem to want to be mayor, people are starting to have their doubts about him. But because Ben was on The Bachelorette, we know he'd be mayor for "the right reasons."

3. JP, his biggest real-life opponent, doesn't live in San Francisco: But even if he did, Ben has ranked-choice voting on his side. Everyone wants to be the second-vote, right?

4. He likes wine: Ben owns and operates a winery in Sonoma. So yeah, we trust he'll host some killer campaign parties.

5. He will shock us: In The Bachelor franchise, every moment is "the most shocking moment ever"; every season is the "most controversial in Bachelor history." They continue to outdo themselves 22 seasons later. We're tired of the Ed Lee and Rose Pak political drama, and we'd welcome the new excitement Ben might bring. In fact, every political decision Ben would make shall be declared "THE MOST SHOCKING DECISION IN SAN FRANCISCO HISTORY."

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Ashley did not deserve Ben f cuz she rebounded with Jo and game over. Ben should Ne the next bachelor and he can pick choose and fall in love. Ashley is fake

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