Anonymous Compares BART Protests to Libyan Uprising

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Michael Short
SF Weekly chats with an Anonymous activist who -- for obvious reasons -- wanted to remain anonymous. But name or no name, this person gave us some insight as to why the organization released risque photos of BART spokesman Linton Johnson and what commuters can expect in the future.

Here's what they had to say in a brief electronic chat with SF Weekly.

What do you say to the average commuter who just wants to get home but winds up delayed because of the BART protests?

It is unfortunate to the average commuter, but it is also not to be directed entirely at Anonymous. There is not much complaining from the people of Tripoli who couldn't make it to town because of recent protests.
Why circulate lewd photos of BART Spokesman Linton Johnson? How does this further your cause?

The photos of Linton Johnson were already public. It is though, I think, a glimpse into the person he really is. Does BART really want the face of their company to be that of someone who pulls out his "johnson" in public venues? I'm not sure it did further the cause much more than just being able to get more peoples' attention to this matter in general.

Well you got more attention, but Johnson has gotten homophobic remarks because of the photos. Do those remarks reflect Anonymous' opinion?

Let me be crystal clear on this matter. The posting of the pictures had absolutely nothing to do with Linton Johnsons' sexual preference. Was it "homophobic" of Mr. Johnson to post the pictures himself on his own public website? No. So why is it now "homophobic"?

How are decisions made at Anonymous? Such as when to protest, who to appoint as spokesperson, who to hack?

Anonymous has no "leader" or "spokesman". When certain injustices are made public to the anon community then it is what i would call a group effort and discussion as to what to do, if anything, against said injustice.

Does Anonymous the organization take responsibility for the actions of all of its individual members?

No. Everyone in Anonymous is responsible for his/her own actions.

The Bay Area rapper Kreayshawn announced that her Twitter account had been hacked and nude photos of her were released. Was Anonymous responsible for that?

I honestly have no idea. I had not heard of it until just now.

Why doesn't Anonymous agitate in favor of gay marriage?

Why is gay marriage an issue to Anonymous? Do you really think there are not thousands of gay and lesbian members of Anonymous? Of course there are.

BART doesn't appear to be meeting Anonymous' demands to fire BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey or Linton Johnson. How much longer will these protests carry on?

How long can BART afford to have protests every week? Big corporations do not usually succumb to demands of the people unless those people are starting to make a dent in their wallet. Well from all the comments I have read, it seems that many are starting to avoid BART altogether to avoid the protests. That would effectively lower profits for BART, would it not?

Commuters are growing tired of the weekly protests, even if they are behind the cause. Do you feel public support is waning?

I believe that the majority of the public is with us. The original protests against BART held very few Anonymous members. Now however our numbers are growing every week.

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James H
James H

"that would effectively lower profits for BART, would it not?"

What a dimbulb.  BART is not a for-profit organization.  It's a transit agency.  To the extent costs are imposed on it, the result is higher fares for the passengers.

Again, brilliant and incisive thinking by an anonymouser.


How can someone be so out of touch? You have heard of the westboro baptist church right? I don't think it get's more out of touch than that.

Nick Shaheen
Nick Shaheen

Very out of touch when bart has the switch!

James H
James H

"I believe the majority of the public is with us."

How out of touch can somebody be?


These people are so lame.

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