Amber Yust, Transgender Woman, Wins Settlement Over Bible-Thumping Letter

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The DMV is hell
SF Weekly readers might recall that oh-so charming story of Amber Yust, the transgender woman who received an unwelcoming letter from a DMV employee who told her she was going straight to hell.

Yust, who had gone into the DMV to change her sex on her driver's license, sued the DMV over the harassing letter -- and won. She's getting a $55,000 settlement -- $40,000 from the state and $15,000 from Thomas Demartini, the DMV worker who sent Yust the letter.

The DMV is also supposed to do some sensitivity training with their employees.
The unwelcoming letter arrived at Yust's home last October which said, among other things, "The homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell." Demartini wrote that her gender change was a "very evil decision."

Demartini later resigned.

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That clerk was quite the fool.

Rachel Contreras
Rachel Contreras

Who are these people to judge only God has that right!!!!!!

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