T-Pain Sues Auto-Tune Company He Used to Endorse

Rapper T-Pain, famous for his use and endorsement of Auto-Tune technology in his music, has sued Antares, the company that makes Auto-Tune, claiming that it used his image and name in marketing Auto-Tune software without his consent.

After three albums and multiple award-winning songs made with Auto-Tune, this lawsuit feels a little like a bad breakup.

T-Pain ended his partnership with Antares in June to start his own company, iZotope, and promote his own line of audio effects, which he calls the "T-Pain Effect," which is essentially T-Pain's own version of Auto-Tune.

The rapper previously released an iPhone app with Antares, "I am T-Pain," which is a sort of T-Pain karaoke with Auto-Tune effects. It's unclear how the lawsuit will affect this joint venture.

T-Pain is now developing a new product, the "I am T-Pain mic," and claims in the lawsuit that Antares' use of his name will create confusion in the marketplace that would substantially damage sales for his upcoming product.

Besides seeking at least $1 million in damages, T-Pain is seeking an injunction prohibiting Antares from using his name, image, likeness, or anything else connecting him to its Auto-Tune products.

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Yeah, iZotope is not a new company- they've made a lot of well-known software in the past. Might want to correct that.

Allen Watershed Buffalo
Allen Watershed Buffalo

iZotope has been a successful company for years- no thanks to T-Pain until now. The more you know... lol

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