Sea Lions Found in S.F. with Wire Wrapped Around Their Necks

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Inquiring minds
Marine rescuers are attempting to save the lives of two young sea lions who were found on San Francisco's Pier 39 with wire wrapped around their necks -- which could easily kill them.

The wired mammals first came to the attention of rescuers after tourists spotted them earlier this month lounging on the docks and looking a bit uncomfortable. The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito has made four unsuccessful attempts to snip the wire from the sea lions, according to media outlets.

However, rescuers have not been able to get close enough, each time scaring the animals back into the water. But they worry the sea lions will slowly strangle themselves.

"Right now it's a waiting game to see whether these two go someplace where it's easier to catch them," Jim Oswald, spokesman for the Marine Mammal Center, told the Chronicle.

It's not the first time our curious sea friends have gotten tangled up in manmade debris. In 2009, rescuers tried 20 times to save Abagnale, a sea lion who had fishing line wrapped around his muzzle and neck.

He was eventually rescued in Monterey and nursed back to health. 

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