Sarah Palin: The Accidental Poet

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Deep thoughts, by Sarah Palin
We all know Sarah Palin is no professor when it comes to the English language, which is why we were both shocked and amused to see that she has recently become a poet.

No, seriously. Byliner executive editor Michael Solomon has given us the gift of stripped-down Palin prose by taking more than 24,000 pages of e-mails dispatched during her reign as governor of Alaska and churning them out as poems.

Solomon adeptly preserves every nuanced misspelling of Palin's in his book: "I Hope Like Heck: The Selected Poems of Sarah Palin."

Here is one of our favorite excerpts:

Carpe Per Diem

Am I supposed to be charging meals
While I am away from Juneau?
Or does per diem cover my meals --
I haven't charged any meals to the state,
Just a couple of coffees while outside
During these six months in office.
Am I doing this right?
What about Todd's meals
If he's traveling for First Gentlemen duties?
Is the intent for his per diem to cover meals entirely,
Or was he to have been keeping receipts
For reimbursements?
What about family?
I'd like to be real clear.

Read more on Palin's prose on SF Weekly's Exhibitionist blog.

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