Bay Area Kids Get Paid More for Their Teeth

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How cheap is your Tooth Fairy?
Not even the Tooth Fairy has been able to dodge the pangs of the economic recession. According to a new study, the Tinkerbell-like sprite is apparently a bull in the Bay Area, but going bear in the rest of America.

Yes, the flying fairies who whisk away baby teeth from under munchkins' pillows while they sleep and replace them with cash have increased their  payouts to the Western United States tots.

The fairy left $2.80 per tooth this year, up from $2.70 in 2010. (Don't think the kids don't notice: I was thrilled when the Tooth Fairy of the '80s upped me from three to four quarters, which was added to my ongoing Big League Chew fund.)

But while kids are making bank in the Bay Area, the Tooth Fairy's payments have dried up in other parts of the country where the unemployment rate is much lower. Nationally, the Tooth Fairy left on average $2.60 per tooth this year, which was way down from $3 in 2010, according to the study, conducted by Visa.

If you wanted to compare and contrast the income of Tooth Fairies across the various regions, wait until Thursday when more detailed data will be released at a press conference in San Francisco.

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