Phil Bronstein and Jose Antonio Vargas Have a Date at Commonwealth Club

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Vargas will answer to his ex-boss.
It's been nearly two weeks since Jose Antonio Vargas came out of the closet, revealing in the New York Times that he has been living and working as an illegal immigrant in the United States most of his adult life. He managed to pull it off while climbing the journalism ranks at the San Francisco Chronicle and winning a Pulitzer at the Washington Post.

Phil Bronstein, the Chron's executive editor, has been grappling with his own unwitting complicity in Vargas' high-profile career -- he had hired Vargas while he was a student at San Francisco State University. Bronstein wrote in a recent column that Vargas had met with him to tell him the truth before his story was printed in the Times.

Now the two will meet up again next Monday at the Commonwealth Club to hash it out publicly.

Bronstein will be playing the role of the host, with Vargas as his guest. But with Bronstein having referred to Vargas as a "hustler" and a "friend" in his column, we're guessing there will be more than just polite banter. We expect some hard-hitting back-and-forth that you won't want to miss.

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But here is our question: Will immigration agents be in attendance, too?

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Here's a question no one has asked...

In a Washington Post sponsored photo spread (part of a package that was scrapped and given to the NY Times), Vargas is photographed sitting in his Manhattan apartment in front of his laptop.

QUESTION: How does an illegal alien, with no known employment or source of income, pay for an apartment in one of the most expensive zip codes on the planet? How??

*Probable answer: He's getting help from a silent benefactor. Who is this person? Considering Vargas' career focus on media, wouldn't it be logical to assume that it is someone working in media with large resources who backing him? Who might that be?

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