Kenneth Harding Update: Police Found the Gun Allegedly Used in Bayview Shooting

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This is the type of gun police say Harding used in the shooting
San Francisco police say they have located the missing gun they believe 19-year-old Kenneth Harding used in a gun battle with cops two weeks ago.

The small silver and black handgun Harding allegedly used on the afternoon of July 15 was mysteriously removed from the crime scene amid the chaos. Police later found a .45-caliber pistol, which they quickly determined was not the gun Harding used after ballistic tests showed that he had a nine-millimeter bullet in his head, which was shot from a .380-caliber pistol.

Police have said that the Seattle parolee shot himself, although they haven't determined whether it was by accident or on purpose.

A neighborhood resident led officers to the gun that Harding used in the shooting, according to SFPD. TheAMT .380-caliber pistol matched the ballistic tests, confirming it was the same pistol that Harding used to fire the fatal bullet, police said.

Police continue to investigate what happened that afternoon when Harding allegedly dodged his Muni fare, sending police on a foot chase through the Bayview. Harding allegedly fired at officers, who then shot back. A total of 10 shots were exchanged in six seconds.

Police initially believed an officer had killed Harding and later backpedaled, saying Harding fired the shot that killed him. His family retained an attorney, demanding that police turn over all pertinent documents regarding the shooting, including witness statements, 911 calls, and surveillance.

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Able Dart
Able Dart

The AMT Backup was made in a number of different calibers including both .380 and .45. From a distance they would look similar, but the .380 and .45 versions differ in size and weight. Also to clarify, The .380 ACP cartridge is called the 9mm Short outside of the US. It is the same diameter, but lighter weight than the 9x19mm NATO, which is what most Americans think of when they hear "9mm."


Finally !.. This was getting to be like the missing Watergate tapes.


Wow, that looks exactly like the gun in the video, with the trigger guard close to the end of the barrel...

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