Passenger Attacks Pilot on SFO-Bound Plane

Not the type of guys you want to sit next to on a plane
An American Airlines flight finally landed safely at 2 this morning after being delayed on a Miami tarmac when two "unruly" passengers -- identified as Jonathan Baez and Luis Baez -- started a scuffle and punched the captain.

Flight 1755 was still at the gate when one passenger wouldn't wake up to fasten his seatbelt. The airline attendants notified the captain, who then decided to open the gate. Thecrew thought the man was drunk or under the influence of drugs, so they tried to kick him off the plane, NBC reports.

That's when the fight started.

A second passenger jumped in, insisting that his brother was not drunk, but on medication. The second man then punched the captain in the face, blurring his vision and possibly causing permanent damage, NBC reports.

Other passengers on the plane came to the aid of the captain, tackling the two men to the ground. The Baez brothers were arrested, according to NBC.

The attacker reportedly told the captain: "When you get to San Juan, I will have you killed."

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what i'd like to know is how this jackass got on the plane in the first place if he was all drugged up and why the stupid arse brother made death threats . id have him locked up for 10 yrs


Hope they can swim to San Juan, because I doubt they will be flying commercial anytime soon..


Couple of thugs. What a waste of breath...

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