Jeff Adachi Turns in Excess Signatures for Pension Reform Measure

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Just last week, Public Defender Jeff Adachi told reporters there wasn't a chance he'd back down from his competing pension reform measure. And he meant it. Today, he turned in more than 72,600 signatures needed to put it on the November ballot -- far more than the 46,177 he needs.

Now he's got to wait for the San Francisco Elections Department to qualify the measure. In the meanwhile, he continues to sell his argument that pension reform is long overdue.

"We realized very early we needed to take action, and so we spent the last three months collecting signatures," Adachi told SF Weekly. "It's a challenge in San Francisco to even stop someone on the the street, let alone engage them and convince them to support a ballot initiative like pension reform."
Adachi's latest pension proposal has riled politicians over at City Hall, who are backing Mayor Ed Lee's more modest reform measure. At issue is the 4 percent raise awarded to police officers "in exchange for their agreement to contribute 3 percent more into their pensions," which will cost the city millions in the long run, Adachi told SF Weekly last week.

Adachi says  the pension problem will cost the city $829 million within the next four years, up from $357 million. He sees his proposal as a fair and balanced way of dealing with this drain on the city. It will save taxpayers $500 million in the next four years and protect jobs and services.

"It exempts lower-paid employees so that if you earn more you pay more, and if you earn less you pay less," Adachi says.

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Marcia Smith
Marcia Smith

Police and fire were promised those raises years ago...they are going to pay 2 years earlier than the rest of City employees, I support the police and fire. Go Mayor Lee!!


"Police and fire were promised those raises years ago...they are going to pay 2 years earlier than the rest of City employees, I support the police and fire."

There are public safety workers everywhere (Oakland, San Jose, Sac etc.) taking pay cuts when they have been promised more in their contracts.  But not our guys - more raises all around we can't afford!!  You can't pay these guys enough!!  Only in SF is taking a 5% raise considered a "concession."


Well done Adachi - residents are desperate for real pension reform.


Adachi paid his signature campaigners $5 a signature and they lied to the public to get signatures. That's what happens when you have a Billionaire fund a fake grassroots effort to push his right wing agenda in a generally progressive city.


@SFlocal75: It's easy to make up lies about your opponents like you do in an attempt to discredit them rather than their policy proposals.  What's harder is making a coherent argument against substantial reform for SF pension and (yes) health care benefits.  Sorry (but hardly surprised) to see you take the easy way out.  Good luck convincing yourself that you have any decency.


Why dont we just raise everybody's taxes to pay for the police/firemans pensions?

Don't they deserve to retire at 80% pay after 15years service?

Police/Fire people should be valued more than most people with a college education...NOT!

seriously though... the real problem is there is no competition for these services so the system gets out of hand. Adachi is doing the right thing and I support him 110% along with the vast majority of San Franciscans.

Lee should have showed some balls and said NO to the 4%raise to pay 3% pension.

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