Did Google+ Delete Steve Jobs?

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Google+ has taken a hard line against "fake accounts," meaning unless you are a real person with a real name, you can't have a real account.

And to show how serious the company is about booting fakers, Google+ seems to be keen on deleting Apple CEO Steve Jobs' account based on the fact that his About page just doesn't seem to add up.

 You tell us whether you think it's phony. According to Jobs' profile:

"I'm looking for a fixer-upper with a solid foundation. Am willing to tear down walls, build bridges, and light fires. I have great experience, lots of energy, a bit of that 'vision thing,' and I'm not afraid to start from the beginning"

A fixer-upper? Okay, so maybe those of you who still believe in Santa Claus might also believe Jobs took time out of his busy day to write this. Then again, nonbelievers might get stumped when reading the first post that supposedly comes from Jobs: "We are working on something you've been expecting for years."

It seems Google+ might not have been convinced. By Wednesday night, the account was mysteriously gone, according to tech bloggers.

But wait. The company hasn't yet deleted the False Steve Jobs account. Hmmm.

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San Francisco Bar Whiz
San Francisco Bar Whiz

I'll bet there are some Tea Party strategists planning right now to set up an Obama fix-it-upper account,

Jason Speciner
Jason Speciner

What's kind of lame about this is that there are people (ahem, me, ahem) waiting on a G+ invite and dip-shits are going around creating fake accounts like this...  Kind of a waste.

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