San Francisco Giants to Visit White House, Maybe Resolve Budget Talks

Just what Washington needs
It's probably a good thing for all involved that the San Francisco Giants will be paying a visit to President Barack Obama next Monday. The Giants deserve their hard-earned recognition as World Series champs, and Washington needs a dose of good sense as negotiations grind on over whether to raise the federal debt ceiling.

Obama has invited the Giants over to honor their successful 2010 season. (No word yet on whether Charlie Sheen is invited to this particular play-date.) But we wonder whether the Giants, with their ineffable mixture of pluck, eccentricity, and wit, can't help move along the disastrous road-show of budget talks between Republicans and the White House.

One man is clearly pivotal to this process: Brian Wilson. Could the Giants closer, who has sealed so many other memorable victories, bring intractable GOP officials around, and save the U.S. from the economic consequences of a downgraded credit rating?

It's tough to imagine that the caviling likes of Eric Cantor and John Boehner could stare down Wilson -- or his sculpted ship captain's beard -- if he urged them to compromise.

Let's face it: Obama needs a closer. We think he could do worse than one in a spandex tuxedo.

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