Gavin Newsom's House Sells

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It's official: Newsom's out
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom can no longer play coy about whether he is or is not a resident of San Francisco. According to news reports, the former San Francisco mayor's house has officially sold, which means he is officially no longer a denizen of our fair city.

So does this mean the Marin-bound Newsom will be booted from the local Democratic Party? As you might recall Aaron Peskin, chair of the Democratic Party and Newsom's political nemesis, had questioned whether the lieutenant governor was still living here, because if not, Newsom could no longer be a member of the local Democratic County Central Committee.

After Newsom moved his family to Marin County, Peskin fired off a letter to Newsom, explaining that as long as he was living in Marin, he he must relocate his membership to the Marin Democratic Party.

But Newsom, who has said the move to Ross is only temporary, informed the San Francisco Dems that he was indeed a resident of the City by the Bay -- not Marin. It's unclear to everyone whether Newsom plans to move back to San Francisco.

But while Newsom claimed he was a resident of San Francisco, things became even more confusing when his $2.7 million Ashbury Heights home was put on the market a week ago. "It's shades of Ed Jew," Peskin told SF Weekly. "If he is a resident of San Francisco, then I'm a resident of Marin, but I woke up this morning in San Francisco."

Peskin says it's no big deal -- Newsom should just own up to the fact that he is not a San Francisco resident and get over it.

"This is transparently silly," Peskin says. "It's fine for the lieutenant governor to live anywhere in the state of California. But now that he's sold his house and lives in Marin, then it's abundantly clear that he is no longer a resident of San Francisco."

So will Newsom show up to the next DCCC meeting on July 27? Not if Peskin has anything to say about it. 

"The rules are the rules," he says.

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