Gavin Newsom Tells Mayor Ed Lee to Make Up His Mind About Running for Mayor -- Now

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Gavin tells Ed Lee: shit or get off the pot
From an outsider's perspective, it might seem Mayor Ed Lee has made up his mind: He's not running for mayor. But as you get closer to the guts of San Francisco politics, it's hard to ignore his slight comments to the press such as "I'm not campaigning at this time." It's even harder to shrug off the Run, Ed, Run campaign, which is becoming seemingly bigger than the election itself.

Not only is it distracting voters, who are already confused by San Francisco's election system. This shadowy campaign is also getting all the media attention, leaving the real mayoral candidates feeling a little insecure.

And who else are they launching their complaints, to but Lieutenant Governor and former Mayor Gavin Newsom.

After all, it's his mess he left behind in San Francisco when he cut out early from his job to become lieutenant governor. Newsom became the wizard behind the curtain in getting Lee appointed to fill out his term in January. Of course, the majority of the supervisors -- some who are now running for mayor -- agreed to make Lee mayor on the condition he wouldn't run in 2011.

Newsom, who stopped through San Francisco yesterday, told the Chron that it's time for Lee to quit playing coy and come clean about his plans -- if any -- for a future mayoral campaign.

Newsom put it bluntly, saying Lee "should let people know sooner rather than later ... out of respect to all the candidates out there."

He did say that he believes Lee when he says publicly that he won't run. Yet, like the rest of us, Newsom must not entirely believe him.

"I want to sit down and talk to him about it," Newsom tells the Chron

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Anyone want the real story?1) Having public employees decide the pay/pensions for other public employees is a joke. The taxpayer is not even remotely at the table and they know it. They think we'll approve any toliet paper charter amendment even one as lame as Ed Lee's "pension reform". LOL2) The public employees see the total budget is nearly 7B. They see room to run, they won't be satisfied until the general fund is drained. Then they will want us to sell the SF icons.3) Most public employees do NOT live in SF, especially the higher paid ones. They are blood suckers. They take the high pay and buy a better life outside the 7X7. They laugh at the people who actually live here.4) The BOS views public employees as "working people". The BOS views the taxpayer as an idiot chump that is here to pay taxes and shut up.5) This all adds up to a multi billion dollar robbery. Contracts? LOLA pay for play contract is as legal as any contract W. Bulger made.Read more:

Able Dart
Able Dart

Newsom is a Cock. He should just shut up already.


Lee is trying to win the mayorship without actually running. If he announced earlier he would have to develop positions on the issues. Actually, most of the field is being cagey on the issues. It's all pretty disgusting. Doubtless the status quo will be maintained.


This wouldn't have been an issue if he'd just done the job voters elected him to do, instead he spent most of his second term being a jerk, and running (and mostly failing) for other jobs. How's that Twitter Campaign, "Governor" Newsom?

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