San Francisco's Most Comfortable Barbecue

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Nice seat
Depending upon where you are, the juxtaposition of couches and barbecues evoke different results. In Santa Barbara, for example, they have a tendency to barbecue their couches. Not so here in the city. And certainly not so over the Fourth of July weekend at Crissy Field, where passers-by were puzzled by the odd sight of a bourbon-colored couch gracing a cookout.

As William Shakespeare put it, "Well, you don't see that every day."

When asked how the hell a large couch was transported to a barbecue, Ryan Bolonesi pointed to a U-Haul and said, "There's my sweet ride."

The resident at U.C. San Francisco has found a novel way to couch-surf: He provides the couch. He's in the midst of moving "From Los Angeles to I don't know where," and, in the midst of it, found himself at a barbecue.

Rsz_couch 02.JPG
Ryan Bolonesi, his cousin Sydney Lott, and his "sweet ride"
He still has no idea where he'll move. But, in the meantime, his impermanent status led friends and acquaintances to be the most comfortably situated outdoor weekend revelers in this city.

Well, sooner or later you'll see everything here. And, as the good folks at UCSF could tell you, it's a lot safer bringing a couch outdoors to a barbecue than bringing a barbecue indoors to a couch.

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