Five Reasons San Franciscans Have No Style

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San Franciscans might be total sluts, but we definitely do not attract our partners based on the way we dress. According to GQ magazine, San Francisco ranked No. 20 on the list of the worst-dressed cities in America.

It's a headscratcher to us, considering we are No. 1 in so many other ways. But being an environmental steward driving a hybrid vehicle clearly doesn't translate into being fashionable. A cursory glance around the newsroom to see what other reporters were wearing today hasn't helped our defense.

But perhaps these are some reasons we seem to have bad fashion sense:

1. We're too close to nerds in Silicon Valley: Those brainiacs down south -- you know, the Mark Zuckerberg types -- are rubbing off on us. It's a weird twist. We are smart enough to invent things that make us loads of money, yet we are stumped when it comes to shelling out money on something other than hoodies and jeans? Whatever.


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