Five Reasons Ed Lee Will Probably Run for Mayor

By now, we can all assume that Mayor Ed Lee is going to jump into the mayor's race -- and smoke everyone. In fact, City Hall insiders are already saying he's hired a campaign consultant and that Lee will announce his candidacy when he returns from his family trip on the East Coast.

People trusted him when he said he would only be a caretaker mayor, so why is Lee going back on his word? Here are some possible reasons.

1. His potential bosses scare him: Sure, his old job as City Administrator pays a hell of a lot more, but it also probably sucks way more -- for many reasons. When looking at his options, it became clear why Lee changed his mind: He doesn't want to work for any of those guys running for mayor.


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you can always write him in even if he doesn't declare


I hope that Lee decides to run. I'd vote for him over any other candidate out there right now. Even though he was appointed, he ended up being someone the citizens of SF want, which I think is the most important factor above all - so I think it'd be completely fair for him to go back on his words in this case. 

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