Facebook Now Has 750 Million Users

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People don't just like Facebook, they love it
Just when techies were asking the question: "Will Google + replace Facebook?" the social-networking giant announced that it now has more than 750 million users globally who post billions of messages daily.

That's good news for the Palo Alto company, considering just last month reports circulated that said Facebook had lost some 6 million users alone in the United States, a sign that Facebooking hit a plateau after eight years of nonstop growth.

Yet Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg told reporters that the company is marching forward toward its goal of hitting 1 billion users.

And here is how: Aside from adding new features to the popular networking site, the company is still reaping the benefits from growth happening in those countries that have been late bloomers when it comes to social networking, including Brazil and Mexico.

"The metric of the last five years was about user growth,"  Zuckerberg told reporters after announcing Facebook's newest video chat feature. "The driving narrative of the next five years is not about wiring up the world, but what cool stuff (apps) can you build with this wiring in place."

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