Con Man Paul Noe Linked to Online Sock Puppets Defending His Latest Scheme

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Perhaps Paul Noe II should stick to offline con artistry
Those who saw the comments section of my June 29 column, "Veteran Con Man Back To Swindling Elderly Veterans," might get the impression that readers don't like it when we expose the lies of a career swindler.

"Once again Matt Smith attacks the wrong people," a commenter using the moniker Betsy Jamison wrote. "He apparently is attacking this guy who had lawsuits dropped and was not charged with doing anything wrong."

Another commenter, using the handle "Jamesgordonrealty," typed: "How do I get in touch with these people. If all it costs is $399 to get $15,000 that seems OK with me. My guess is the attorneys you quoted charge a lot more."

Funny thing, though, behind the commenter aliases is -- wait for it -- an Internet trail leading toward Paul Noe.
The comments tagged "jamesgordonrealty" and "Betsy Jamison" originated from the same IP address. Both come from Los Angeles, where Noe operates his current scheme to turn military pensions into profit.

The jamesgordonrealty comment came from an e-mail address ending in "," which is a URL registered in 2009 in the name of Paul Noe.

In response to an inquiry, Noe e-mailed the following: "I did not write anything. I am not affiliated with sunamericarealty. More false accusations by you."

Oh, really? Whichever Paul Noe registered listed the con man's own phone number as contact information.

Could it be that a scam artist is lying about his identity in order to defend his latest deception -- and then lying about that, too?

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Matt - how do I get in touch with you because this Paul Noe came to my mother's home and talked her into applying for Widow's VA Benefits making her believe that she qualified.  She wrote him a check for $399.  He sent me forms to sign as a Home Care provider.  I live in a different state than her so there's no way I could be a Home Care Provider.  If I signed the forms he wanted me to, I would have been lying and cheating the government and putting me and my family in jeopardy.  She in no way qualifies for receiving these benefits.  Noe and I went back and forth via email requesting he return her check or I was going to notify the California DA, BBB, and investigators with newspapers.  He threatened me with harm if I went ahead with it.  She finally got her money back.  Matt, how do we stop this guy?  Who can I contact to advise them of the shennigans this con man is pulling?  Thanks,  Kevin


Ohh older people and the internet. Always fun to watch.


Ahahahahahahha. Amateur hour, Noe. You're out of your element, sit on your hands!

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