CNN's Amber Lyon Leads the Media's Paranoia Over Underage Sex Trafficking

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Last week, Village Voice Media challenged the science behind data that say the underage prostitution industry is growing. We called media outlets out on relying on bogus arguments and junk science to stoke fear and panic about underage sex trafficking.

Don't get us wrong, we admit there is a problem with underage sex trafficking. We just don't buy the numbers that say that 100,000 to 300,000 kids are swooped up into the industry every year.

Those numbers are used by activists and media outlets including CNN's Amber Lyon, who famously went after Craigslist, saying the site's adult ad section fostered underage sex trafficking.

In December, we sent information to CNN about what we're doing to keep our own's adult pages monitored so that only adults had access to them. We knew Lyon was prepping for a sensationalistic piece, using inflated numbers about underage American sex slaves -- and she was going to make us appear responsible.

Check out the full piece we wrote in response to the CNN report.

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Opus the Poet
Opus the Poet

This is just a continuation of the Satanic Panic from the '80s. Just as there no mass kidnappings of children for non-existent satanic rituals then there are no mass kidnappings of children for a (very small but still existing) sex trade. The only difference is there were no satanic "covens" then, and there are people that have sex with underage sex workers now. There have always been people having sex with children, we just know more about it now, and it's illegal now for older and older people. It used to be legal to have sex with a 12 YO if you married her first, now that person must be 18 to marry or have legal sex.

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