Bryan Stow Opens His Eyes, Gives a Thumbs Up

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Thumbs up for Bryan Stow
Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who has been in a coma for more than three months after being brutally beaten at a Dodgers game, is showing signs that he's "very alert."
According to the Support4BryanStow website run by his family:

We were told at the hospital today that this morning Bryan was very alert. The nurse practitioner told us he had both eyes open, his right hand was either trying to give a thumbs up or hold up two fingers (they were fairly certain that was what he was doing). He also closed his eyes and opened them on command ... and, when asked what his last name, he mouthed, "Stow."

Perhaps Stow was giving a thumbs up to the news that police in Los Angeles announced they had caught two suspects in connection with the beating, Louie Sanchez, 29, and Marvin E. Norwood, 30. They also arrested Dorene Sanchez, as an accessory to the crime, according to news reports.

Police had arrested 31-year-old Giovanni Ramirez, claiming he was the "primary aggressor" in the March 31 beating. Now the cops are changing their story. Ramirez, who has been in jail for violating his parole, is expected to be exonerated soon.

Stow, a Giants fan, was leaving the opener game at Dodger Stadium -- where he had been heckled and harassed all evening  -- when two men wearing Dodgers attire attacked him in the parking lot. They beat Stow into a coma before jumping into a car driven by a woman.

Stow has suffered multiple seizures and surgeries since the attack. Earlier this week, he had emergency surgery after fluid built up in his brain.

"As always with these steps forward, we are aware that it's intermittent, and that there will still be some steps back," the family wrote on the website.

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I read that the two men face up nine years if convicted. That sounds like too little for a crime that was on the edge of being murder (and would have been save the work of the doctors). I'm a pretty liberal guy (pro-immigrant, pro-same-sex-marriage, pro drug legalization, anti-3-strikes) but it seems this is exactly the kind of crime that long prison sentences are intended for. This man was in a coma for 3 months and may or may not fully recover. There are really no mitigating circumstances. I think a very long sentence is far more appropriate here, assuming conviction, than for most of the crimes that we give 9 years for.


Great news and speedy recovery Bryan!  Hope you are well enough to testify against those turd faced disgraced of a dodger team fans.

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