Put on Your Sunday Breast and Get On Board the Big Pink Bus

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Apparently, other women's causes also like big pink buses.
Today, the Department of Public Health spokeswoman sent out a press release with a warning: "No snickering."

It turns out the Big Pink Bus will be pulling up to California Pacific Medical Center on Sunday at 3698 California St. No, Prince will not be on board. The bus' mission is to capture the hearts and minds -- and thoughts -- of breastfeeding women all over the city.

And here we thought the only noteworthy milk in San Francisco was the gay supervisor.

The Big Pink Bus is from the mammary-obsessed Website Milk for Thought, which encourages new mothers to put down the formula and let their babes suckle instead. The website parses out such bits of lactating lore as "Michael Jordan was breastfed until he was three years old." See? Breastfeed your little one, and he'll grow up to be a NBA dunker.

The San Francisco stop is one of 20 on a six-week cross-country trip. The bus is in San Diego right now and will head to Imperial County and then to San Francisco this weekend. In addition to interviewing moms who show up, the crew plans to film "multiple generations of Chinese women about their unique breastfeeding journeys."

Their breastfeeding journeys? Who's snickering? 

The bus will be parked at CPMC from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Put on your Sunday breast best and be there.

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Will the bus be coming east to Ohio? I'd love a stop in my community!!

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