Roller Derby Girls Robbed at Gunpoint

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Police are investigating a brazen crime where two members of the Bay Area Derby girls league were robbed at gunpoint after a bout earlier this month. 

On the evening of July 9, the two members had packed up the money the league had raised from the event that night and drove back to San Francisco. As they arrived at their destination, which police won't disclose, they they were approached by two robbers with guns.

The robbers took the league's entire stash of money, which totaled in the thousands, says Katy Lim, a skater with Bay Area Derby girls.

"They were obviously followed from the bout," Lim told SF Weekly. "It wasn't random guys with guns."

Police are still investigating the crime, and won't allow the league members to disclose specifics of the case, like where the robbery took place or the description of the suspects.

Aside from being a complete shock, Lim says the incident has been a huge financial setback for the derby league and its 150 members. The derby girls hold monthly events -- like the one they had the evening of the robbery -- as a way to raise money to keep the league afloat. It helps pay for their monthly rent on their practice space in Oakland, event security, and vendors, Lim says.

"It was all of our money" Lim says. "It's really devastating."

The league has written a letter to the community, asking for help; they plan to hold some "fun and creative" events next month that are sure to draw enough crowds to help up for the financial loss.

"Like the strongest jammers, we do not fall after one hit," the league writes in its letter. "We have no intention of allowing truly despicable scumbags who would steal from a nonprofit organization to stop us from rolling."

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you three are real nice folk @randyflemin; @davemarez and @maring2. Way too be empathetic a-holes.


They've claimed to be a professional league before but now they are back to being a poor non-profit group.  So what are they really?   

Dave Marez
Dave Marez

There is a difference between roller derby and these all girl groups. And just in case you didn't know but the pic used in this article is of the late great Roller Derby Superstar Joan Weston. Weston was a main driving force behind the International Roller Derby League, International Roller Skating League and several other professional roller derby leagues but not connected at all to any of the all-gal leagues. Just to clarify. Its like someone being a lawyer and and a paralegal, one is a professional. 


"two robbers with guns" we have two potential 'protected class' status  candidates with full benefits , associated w/ ?..Hey , it could happen..Think positive!

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