A Conversation Between Ed Lee and Rose Pak

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The news that Ed Lee will probably jump into the mayor's race has political circles and candidates convulsing with suspicion. And while we can certainly appreciate the seriousness of the situation -- potential investigations and all -- we decided it's Friday, so ... fuck it. Let's have a laugh about it, too!

Watch the video below -- it truly sums up the dysfunctional political relationship between Lee and his buddy, Rose Pak.

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Why I would not vote for Ed Lee. When Ed Lee accepted the position of Mayor of San Francisco he promised not to run for this positon when the time came. He broke that promise after being convinced by Rose Pak an agent of China. She will fund his campagne with money from China. The communists want to get a foothold in this country.

Second , not a single westerner can hold office in China let alone own property. 


wat the pak is this ? 

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