Is Weiner Bad for the Wieners?

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Deeply ashamed...
The ongoing scandal involving Rep. Anthony Weiner is embarrassing. Embarrassing for him, his family, his party, Twitter, and all short, hairless men who beam photos of their junk through the Internet. But it's most embarrassing for fellow Weiners.

Supervisor Scott Wiener is not a relation of the crotch-shot congressman. You may have noticed that he spells his name differently (and is a foot taller). But, when asked if the floodgates have been thrown wide open to poke juvenile fun at his family name, he answers instantaneously: "They sure have!"

For the record, Wiener notes that he's still awaiting the first clever Wiener joke. Perhaps ever.

If you're looking for inappropriate tweets from the supervisor, you're not going to be titillated. Unless a two-meter-tall lawyer grumbling about Muni is what does it for you:

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Asked when people outgrow the tendency to make ribald jokes regarding his name, Wiener said "probably never." But he isn't complaining. "It's been as much of an asset as a liability," he says. "People don't forget it."

And they certainly won't now.

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