Where Does Gavin Newsom Live?

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No matter where he lives, Newsom will still be a Giants fan
There seems to be much confusion about whether Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is officially a resident of San Francisco or a resident of Marin County, or both. News reports have consistently claimed Newsom is now a resident of Marin County ever since he was seen packing up his Ashbury Heights home two weeks ago.

At the time, his advisers told reporters that Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, were moving to her parents home in Ross for the summer. But whether they plan to move back to the City by The Bay remains unclear.

Yet according to Peter Ragone, an adviser to Newsom, the lieutenant governor's residency has not changed. We then asked if Newsom would be voting in San Francisco come November, to which Ragone replied:

"He is a resident of San Francisco."

Initially, Newsom's political rivals were delighted by the news of his departure. Aaron Peskin, chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, was so ready to get rid of Newsom that he sent a letter to Newsom's office, pointing out that if, in fact, he is no longer a resident of San Francisco, then he can no longer be a member of the local Democratic Party.

He sent Newsom the letter a week ago, asking him to please clarify his residency by tonight's DCCC meeting. Peskin told SF Weekly this afternoon that he has not heard a peep from Newsom. "We'll see what happens at 7 o'clock tonight," Peskin says.

"The bigger question is does Mr. Newsom intend to vote in San Francisco even though he resides in Marin County?" Peskin asks. "If he plans to vote in San Francisco in November, then that's voter fraud."

We posited the question to Ragone again: Will Newsom be voting in San Francisco come November?

"Not to be redundant, but the same answer applies. Nothing's changed with regards to his residency," Ragone says.

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Able Dart
Able Dart

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After reading this article any many others, it confirms one thing I have noticed about far too many San Franciscans. They are, without a doubt, the most hateful, mean-spirited, vicious bunch of people I have ever heard.

Able Dart
Able Dart

Well, as far as the political class goes you're right. That said Peskin is unfortunately right, or shall we say less wrong, in this case. Wouldn't it be nice if regular people weren't shut out of politics in this town? The problem however is the milieu, not necessarily the people. Newsom was an outsider before he turned to shit.

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