SF Weekly Webcam Show: Kinda Boring, Not Very Hot

Categories: WTF?
Since SF Weekly staffers are always the ones looking and observing, it was a delight for us to get our 15 minutes of fame this afternoon. From our quaint offices in Fisherman's Wharf, we were able to spot ourselves via the Princess Cruise webcam while the cruise ship was docked along the Embarcadero.

It's exactly how we imagined ourselves to appear to an outsider looking in: not that thrilling. So yeah, movies have romanticized what goes on in the guts of a newsroom. Today, there was nobody shouting "Stop the presses" or "Hold the front page." No reporters fighting with editors to ensure their prose remains intact. Rather, it was another day of tapping away at the keyboard, telling you vignettes like this.

What's up, world?

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SF Weekly you look positively Zensational!

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