San Francisco Isn't Just Slutty, It's Also Dirty

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Well at least we have great coffee
Last week, we told you about how slutty San Franciscans are, maintaining an average of 30 partners. But apparently, we aren't just dirty-minded. According to a new travel survey, our fair city is trashy, too.

San Francisco ranked No. 12 on the list of dirtiest urban areas in the United States, according to Travel + Leisure magazine. Dallas, Boston, and Washington D.C. were decidedly cleaner cities than San Francisco, while New York, Los Angeles, and Houston were much dirtier.

While this might come as a surprise to locals who have lived under the city's seemingly overbearing legislation, including a ban on plastic bags as well as smoking in most areas, it seems tourists are having a different experience here.

Our poor rating came as a surprise to Laurie Armstrong, spokeswoman for the San Francisco Travel Association, who says the streets are way cleaner than they were 10 years ago. So she could really only draw one conclusion as to why travelers would deem us to be so dirty: panhandling.

"It's not often people complain about San Francisco, but when they do it is about the homelessness and panhandling." she says. "It's a good wakeup call -- we are a celebrity city."

But as the magazine pointed out, some of the dirtiest cities also happen to be some of the most popular tourist destinations. Those polluted metro areas also have "cool vibes" and great bar scenes, readers said. San Francisco, for example, was the 10th most environmentally friendly city, and travelers said they thought we had an overall stellar quality of life.

"All this does is remind us that this is a tourist destination and the world is watching," Armstrong says.

It also reminds you to correctly dispose of your condom after sex with one of your 30 partners.

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HaroldmillerforSan Franciscoma
HaroldmillerforSan Franciscoma

As mayor of San Francisco I want to be the "JOB MAYOR" I will wake up in the morning thing of jobs for my people, and as I go to sleep at night I will be dreaming for Jobs for my people.


As someone who moved here recently from D.C., I have never seen so much litter on the streets and sidewalks in my life.  The homeless and their "personal effects" are just icing on the cake.

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