Safeway Accused of Overcharging Shoppers Who Buy Food Online

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It's still cheaper than Whole Foods ...
The price of food is increasing -- and perhaps even more so for those of us who shop online.

Safeway is being accused of bilking customers who buy groceries online at According to a class action lawsuit filed in San Francisco last week, the grocery retailer tells customers that they will be charged the same prices for food sold in the stores that day. They are then charged $7 to $13 for delivery, depending on the size of groceries.

But one Pennsylvania man says the grocery store is tacking on an extra 10 percent to online purchases -- and consumers are unwittingly paying it.

While the store advertises "better prices that you thought possible," plaintiffs say that online shoppers will pay $3.79 for a box of popcorn that is priced at $3.39 in the store, according to the claim.

"Other than visiting the store to check prices on the day of delivery, consumers have no way of knowing that Safeway has overcharged them," the lawsuit states.

SF Weekly called Safeway officials, who have not yet responded. We will update you when we hear back.

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