Michelle Le Update: Police Tell TV Station to Check Its Facts

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The fact is ... Le is still missing
A San Diego television station added a new twist to the mysterious case of Michelle Le, the 26-year-old nursing student who went missing last month. The station reported yesterday that two calls were made from Le's cellphone shortly after she went missing -- one to Reno and one to Arizona.

The television station also says it confirmed that Hayward police traveled to Arizona to interview a woman there.

But the trouble with this purported crack in the case is that the station apparently didn't get its facts right.

Hayward police Lieutenant Roger Keener confirmed that the San Diego news report was just dead wrong."I don't know where the information is coming from, but it does muddy the waters," he told KTVU. "It throws out ideas that may or may not be true."

The television station -- based in Le's hometown of San Diego -- cited unnamed sources close to the investigation. Yet Keener says that Hayward police were never contacted by the station to confirm their story. "We are the closest source to the investigation, so I don't know where the information is coming from."

Le went missing on May 26 after she left Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, where she had been part of a mentoring program. Her white Honda was caught on surveillance cameras leaving the parking garage. Police later found her car parked on a residential street less than a mile away from the hospital.

The missing case quickly turned into a homicide investigation after police found traces of blood in the parking lot where she was last seen.

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I wouldn't trust the Hayward PD on anything. They routinely gather their officers to lie about crime statistics to their own city council, whenever it furthers their agenda.

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