Nicholas Springer, Accused Peeping Tom, Gets Plea Deal

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Now it is your turn to be seen
Nicholas Springer, the 26-year-old man accused of placing a video camera in his Crocs and recording up women's skirts, got off with a rather sweet plea deal.

According to media outlets Springer showed up to court yesterday and plead guilty to charges of loitering. The Marin District Attorney dropped the other charges as part of a plea deal, according to the Marin Independent Journal. 

Springer, who has tried to stay out of the public eye, ironically, was sentenced to 20 days in jail and three years probation. Yet his lawyer told reporters he will apply to serve that time via a county work program.

Calls to Springer's attorney, Brendan Hickey, as well as the District Attorney's Office have not yet been returned.

Springer refused to comment to the media yesterday, but Hickey expressed only relief to reporters gathered outside the courtroom.

"We are thankful that the District Attorney's Office, after looking at all of the facts, agreed to drop those charges against Mr. Springer," Hickey told the Marin IJ. "Now that those accusations are behind him, Mr. Springer is looking forward to moving on with his life as a productive and valuable member of this community."

The victims can take some comfort in knowing that Springer, a San Rafael resident, has now been banned from the Fairfax and Marin's famers' markets.  Springer was busted walking around the downtown markets with a video camera tucked inside his sandal, which he then used to film up women's dresses and skirts. A Fairfax farmers' market employee says he saw Springer skulking around the market, and strategically placing his sandal in between women's legs.

After reviewing the camera that cops found in Springer's shoe, police concluded there were some 35 victims -- maybe even more. At the time Police Chief Chief Chris Morin called Springer a "pervert" and said he didn't want him around town.

A reporter from the Marin Independent Journal told us he attempted to take a photo of Springer outside the courtroom yesterday afternoon, but the photos didn't turn out well enough for publication. Bystanders outside the courtroom said that's probably because Springer quickly fled down the hall with his lawyer, so as not to be seen.

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Reverend Joey Talley
Reverend Joey Talley

Pervert Nick Springer is now working at Cafe Gratittude San Rafael.  He likes healthy women.


makes me so sick... i am not very happy with the cafe... WTF... i can't believe he got off so easy... good thing he had a lawyer to help him get away with such a nasty crime

Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen

His lawyer, Brendan Hickey, is about Springer's age.  Probably a friend from high school or something.

And I agree -- it is shameful that the Marin County DA's Office let him off so easy.  And equally shameful that Cafe Gratitude is employing him.

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