Newsom Baby Arrives ... and His Name Isn't Weird

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Hunter S. Thompson makes "Hunter" a pretty cool name
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and wife Jennifer Siebel announced the arrival of their new baby boy, Hunter Siebel Newsom. We hear mother and son, who was born yesterday morning, are doing well.

So congrats ... on giving him a normal name.

After Newsom and his wife named their firstborn Montana, it seems the couple decided to go with a more mainstream, trendy name. Hunter, by, the way, means "pursuer." Gavin jokes go here.

A quick Google search shows that Hunter is among one of the more desired boy names this year, making it to the No. 49 slot on popular baby names.

But if they were looking for an even more up-and-coming name, the couple should have gone with Gavin, which happens to be even more popular, falling on the list at No. 34, according to

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It never fails to amaze me just how snarky people in San Franciso are. You can't even congratulate The Lt. Gov. and his wife on the birth of they baby boy without making are hateful remark about his name NOT being weird. I hope you don't call yourself a journalisst.

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he was born in sfthey should have gone to marin generalwould have added to the little guys pedigree

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