Lloyd Fishback, San Francisco Nudist, Stars as Congressman Anthony Weiner on Jay Leno

By Francisco Barradas
Lloyd Fishback, right, has been getting attention in San Francisco for awhile.
Lloyd Fishback is a must-see San Francisco tourist attraction who is as impressive as Coit Tower -- just much more phallic. On many afternoons, Fishback will strip down to nothing but a cock ring and a funny hat for a stroll through the Castro or walk along Fisherman's Wharf, much to the delight or disgust of onlookers.

Fishback was one of the main nudists featured in our December cover story. And while he is already a local celeb, now he seems to have made the big time. Fishback was recently featured in Jay Leno's Tonight Show, riffing off the Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York) tweet scandal.

Click below to see the clip:

Late last week, Leno highlighted a CNN newscast that showed Weiner defending himself in front of reporters over the attacks about his genitalia tweet. But when Weiner started talking, the clip immediately cut to Fishback in his G-string standing on a San Francisco street.

Weiner's famous words "I don't think I did anything here that violates the law" and "I'm not resigning" are dubbed over the shots of a nearly naked Fishback.

As Weiner ends his remarks with a polite "Thank you," Fishback turns and walks away, showing viewers his bum. Leno's audience shrieks in surprise and laughter. But what we found truly humorous is that in San Francisco, Fishback's bare bottom typically elicits nothing more than a yawn.

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