Lance Armstrong Doping Investigation: Leak Shows 60 Minutes Expose Was Right

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Matt Smith
It's hard to stop a leak.
Attorneys for Lance Armstrong pivoted from demanding an apology for purported inaccuracies in a recent 60 Minutes doping exposé to lambasting the "leakers" who proved that the report was true. 

Last month 60 Minutes had reported that Lance Armstrong's doping test results from the 2001 Tour de Suisse were "suspicious."

Wednesday S.F. attorney Elliot Peters had sent a letter accusing 60 Minutes of "shoddy" journalism.

Thursday, the Associated Press reported that a Swiss anti-doping lab director had actually acknowledged the 2001 suspicions to federal investigators. The story included a quote from Lance Armstrong's camp, crying foul at the apparent new leak.

"Who is leaking this information?" Armstrong attorney Mark Fabiani told the Associated Press. "Whoever is doing so is committing a crime and should be investigated for it."

This drama has elements of deja vu. Elliot Peters was in the news during the mid 2000s. He represented baseball players after IRS agent Jeff Novitzky had spearheaded the BALCO investigation into a Burlingame steroids ring.

By far the heaviest penalty in that case was a leaking sentence of nearly three years, given to attorney Troy Ellerman.

Novitzky, now a USDA agent, is part of another federal inquiry into doping. this time involving cycling. And the Armstrong team is apparently hoping to see a similar result this time around.

"It is time for the press to stop giving comfort to this lawless form of character assassination and name names," Fabiani reportedly said.

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