LA Times Just Now Figures Out That Ed Lee Isn't Running for S.F. Mayor

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Los Angeles Times takes the new out of news
As prestigious a paper as the Los Angeles Times is, we have to wonder how its reporting staff missed the news that Mayor Ed Lee says he isn't running for San Francisco mayor. Admittedly, we don't follow every story in the Los Angeles area, but if we were to latch onto one, we'd at least do a quick Google search to see whether it's news.

For instance, if the LA Times reporters had done a cursory search online, they might have found a plethora of stories detailing the fact that Lee doesn't want to run.

But the LA Times tells readers again in a published story delivering this non-news today: Ed Lee still doesn't want to run for mayor. Instead he wants his old job back as city administrator, and who could blame him? It pays more.
Reporting from San Francisco, the LA Times tells readers the following:

The former city administrator swore when he was persuaded to take office in January that he would not run for the position later this year. He has not changed his mind.
The newspaper then goes on about the efforts being made by Chinatown powerhouse Rose Pak and her cadre to get him to run. The reporter notes that more than 12,000 people have signed onto the petition to draft Lee and his "adorable" mustache into the race.

As the paper notes:

Spearheaded by political consultant Enrique Pearce, Run Ed Run opened a campaign headquarters Saturday -- with no candidate.
We knew times were tough for the financially strapped newspaper, which is maybe why it didn't have the resources to check out this cool new thing called the Internet. Its reporters should check it out sometime.

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Why don’t you ask if he will refuse a write-in or draft? It’s not the same thing as saying he won’t run. And I think you know that.

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