Kleptomaniac Cat Strikes Again (video)

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Cat burlgar purrr-loins items from his neighbors
By day, sweet-looking cat Dusty is nothing more than an innocent house pet who likes to lounge in the yard of his San Mateo home. But when the sun goes down, this feline moonlights as a burglar -- a cat burglar, that is.

His skills for pickpocketing and thievery are unmatched by other crooks. And although neighbors are well aware of Dusty's nefarious ways, they told ABC News that they have no intention of pressing charges. That's partly because they know where to find him -- and their loot -- and partly, we presume, because he's so darn cute.

Owner Jean Chu tells reporters that Dusty has been a kleptomaniac since she adopted him from the Humane Society. Over the last three years, she figures he's accumulated some 600 items of stolen goods, including, gloves, towels, children's toys, and tighty-whities. He is especially fond of collecting women's bikinis.

Fascinated by Dusty's skills, Animal Planet recently recorded his nighttime activity for a week to better understand his MO. The show, which has featured Dusty previously, busted him taking as many as 11 items in one night.

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HaroldmillerforSan Franciscoma
HaroldmillerforSan Franciscoma

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