Harold Camping's Radio Show to Go Off the Air

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His world is falling apart
The man who erroneously predicted the Rapture -- twice -- will reportedly stop airing his radio program at the end of the month. The Evangelical preacher used his Open Forum show to warn listeners about Judgment Day, which was supposed to be May 21, 2011.

But Camping's world changed on June 9, when the 89-year-old Alameda resident had a stroke after his radio broadcast. He has been in the hospital ever since, and although he is on the mend, program directors at Family Radio in Oakland, Camping's Christian station, say they will continue playing reruns of his Bible talk show until the end of the month, according to the Oakland Tribune.

"When those are completed, we will have other programming that is scheduled to run in that time slot," program department secretary Judi Rathbone wrote in an e-mail to the Trib.
What the station has lined up to fill that slot hasn't been disclosed, but we do know that the debunked KUSF has been looking for local airwaves since the University of San Francisco pulled the plug on the community radio station in January. DJs told SF Weekly on May 20 -- the day before the world was to end -- that they would be more than happy to take over Camping's FCC license post-Rapture.

Somehow we doubt KUSF's Tech Nation program would go over well with listeners of Family Radio.

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Hence freeing up the timeslot for a different crazy old loon, I bet.

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