Giovanni Ramirez, Man Accused of Beating Bryan Stow, Wanted in Nevada Gang Shooting

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Wanted in more than one state
Los Angeles police are not the only ones interested in Giovanni Ramirez, the 31-year-old suspect accused of beating Giants fan Bryan Stow in March.

Police arrested Ramirez last week after an intense investigation, saying he was the prime aggressor in the March 31 beating outside Dodger Stadium. Although Ramirez claims he has an alibi -- his 10-year-old daughter, whom he was babysitting that evening -- police insist they have the right man.

Incidentally, detectives in Henderson, Nevada, are also looking for Ramirez in connection with a gang shooting, according to media outlets
According to LA Weekly, our sister paper, Ramirez is wanted in an attempted murder that may have been retaliation for the 2006 killing of his daughter. In that incident, Ramirez was reportedly wearing a blue Dodgers cap.

Henderson police would not confirm this information, which was obtained through police reports, yet LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told LA Weekly "it would not be false" to report that Ramirez had problems in another state.

Meanwhile, Ramirez's lawyers are mounting his defense, already stacking more than 10 witnesses who they say can confirm he was not at the baseball game the day Stow was beaten into a coma.

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Per his inglorious mother - he's a good boy, a good father and the LAPD have the wrong man and are profiling him.

But of course he's a good multitasker and violator of quantum mechanics by being in 2 places at once.

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