Gavin Newsom to Woo Winter Olympics to Lake Tahoe

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Newsom tests the latest aerodynamic hair style for speed skaters
Our ex-mayor Gavin Newsom proved that he could bring the prestigious America's Cup to San Francisco -- even in the face of vociferous opposition. Now, in his new capacity as lieutenant governor, Newsom is taking on the bigger task of courting the Olympic Winter Games to Northern California. 
The California Winter Games Committee, formed earlier this year, announced last week that the lieutenant governor will lead the effort -- serving along with cochairs California Senators Darryl Steinberg and Ted Gaines. Together the high-profile politicians will work to bring the Olympics to the Lake Tahoe region as soon as 2022.

Of course, in the world's imagination, California is the land of surfing and sunbathing, not ice skating and skiing. Yet Baby Boomers will remember that Squaw Valley in Northern California  hosted the Winter Games in 1960.

The committee's president Michael Faust told reporters: "We are very excited to have Newsom lead our efforts and we believe his addition will help successfully position California to win the games if the (United States Olympic Committee) chooses to solicit bids from U.S. cities for a 2022 Winter Games." 

The U.S. Olympic Committee has still not decided whether to bid on the 2022 Winter Games, however news reports say that it might start soliciting bids from cities as early as next year.

Newsom will face stiff competition. Already Germany, Romania, and Kazakhstan have expressed interest.

This could be one cold war.

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The America's Cup landed on our doorstep. Until a decade ago, the yacht club host city always hosted the thing. The only thing that Newsom did was not lose it.

The Winter Olympics would be terrible for the Tahoe ecology and a bigger economic boon for Nevada than California. This state is in no position to be throwing money away.


I'm fine with this -- as long as Newsom pays for it out of his own pocket.

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