Facebook Traffic Drops by Six Million in U.S.

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Will Facebook fizzle out?
While other countries are just now starting to "Like" Facebook, it appears Americans are losing interest already (now maybe the company will create that "Dislike" button we've all been waiting for). A new report shows that Facebook traffic in the United States dropped by six million last month.

Facebook is still growing -- just not in the United States. Last month it peaked at 687 million users, which means the social networking giant is trending toward its goal of 1 billion monthly users. Yet the company's overall 1.7 percent increase last month is entirely attributed to late-bloomer countries that are just now starting to experience the frenzy, according to Inside Facebook.

Meanwhile, the United States seems to be diversifying its interests.

At the start of May, there were 155.2 million users in the United States, yet that number dropped to 149.4 million by the end of the month. This is the first time Facebook has recoded a decline among American users in the last year, according to Inside Facebook.

So where is the new Facebook frenzy happening now? The country that recorded the largest increase was Brazil, followed by Mexico.

So what are those 6 million American users doing with their lives now if not sucking away hours perusing the pages of Facebook?

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oh god. brazil? get ready for orkut 2.0.


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