"Let Ed Be" Facebook Page Created Asking You to Leave the Mayor Alone

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Not as clever as the Beatles, but you get the point
Just today, the Run, Ed, Run Web site went live as part of the far-fetched effort to get Mayor Ed Lee to run for the city's chief executive position in November. But there is also a lighter effort taking shape that calls on everyone to just leave him alone.

Nearly 24 hours ago, someone created a spoof Facebook page with a title that says it all: "Let Ed Be."

The page, which already has 31 "likes," calls out the political consultants and former pols -- including former Mayor Willie Brown -- for bullying Lee into running for a position he doesn't want. According to WHOIS, the site ws registered by former Supervisor Chris Daly, but he insists he didn't create the page.

Lee, who was already pushed into serving as interim mayor, has stated over and over and over again that he does not want to run for the position. Instead, he wants his old, higher-paying gig of city administrator back.

According to the Facebook page:

Do you think that Ed Lee's wishes should be respected? Do you think that the lobbyists and consultants who are trying to get Ed Lee to go back on his word should cut it out? Do you want Ed Lee to get his old job back? If so, click "Like"
This whole effort started last month when former Supervisor Michael Yaki created a petition asking Lee to run for mayor. He pointed out that the popular Lee has been one of the more successful leaders at City Hall, with his uncanny ability to keep progressives from convulsing with anger. The  campaign mounted, despite the fact that Lee insisted he absolutely did not want to run.

The Facebook page calls the Run, Ed, Run effort an "astroturf campaign," making it appear that the masses want Lee to go back on his word and run for office. But in reality, it's the "not-so fab 4" who are behind this phony campaign, the page reads, referring to Chinatown leader Rose Pak, Brown, Yaki, and Enrique Pearce, a local political consultant.

"It's hilarious -- I think I was the 12th person to 'Like' it," Daly tells SF Weekly. "I think they should leave Ed alone. If he is true to his word, then his friends are being incredibly disrespectful by jacking him up publicly when he has said he doesn't want to run."

But does he or doesn't he? While Lee has been unwavering in his "no" position, we've noted before that political insiders won't truly believe him until he tells Rose Pak publicly to fuck off.

"You tell me the last time Ed Lee said no to Rose Pak," Daly says.

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HaroldmillerforSan Franciscoma
HaroldmillerforSan Franciscoma

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